The VERAX Compact Flange System
The original and optimal compact flange system. Simple, Safe and Sound
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The VCF System—References

 Ever since the early seventies many people and instutions have learned about the VERAX Compact  Flange System (= VCF-System). Some as researches, some as customers and other ones just from their  interest in modern engineering. A list of references to those having experiences from  applications, their research work, studies, and such are available for download.

The research has also led to a great mass of litterature discussing the theory of the bolted joint in general and the VCF-joint in particular.

David J. Power at University of Strathclyde has performed a finite element study of conventional and unconvensional flanged pipe joint styles using nonlinear finite element techniques.
Chapter 6, Conclusions, on page 95 summarizes the results of his research. The complete report is available in PDF-format for download ZIP-file (2,13MB) or self-extracting EXE-file (2,15MB)


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