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The weight of a VCF-joint is less than 1/5 of an equivalent conventional, standard joint. As a result great savings in weight and space are achieved.

The illustration shows an ANSI Class 2500# joint (weight complete 48 kg, outside diameter 235 mm for 60,3*11 mm stainless pipe) and an equivalent VCF-joint (weight complete: 4,2 kg, outside diameter 110 mm).

An independant FEM-analysis illustrates how significant the peak stresses are in an ANSI-joint.

Great savings, - improved profits...

  • Low cost.  Small dimensions and low weight mean less material and cost of manufacture what results in reduced prices.
  • Small size.  Aboard ships, offshore rigs and -installations, VCF-joints will offer ease of installation and operation.
  • Low maintenance.  The monitoring of leakage from VCF-joints (the US-EPA Clean Air Act) may be reduced from annually to once every 4 year, what means reduced cost of surveillance and maintenance.
  • Low risk.  Leakage from conventional gasketed pipe joints has been and will continue to be the cause of accidents and damage to the environment. The VCF-System does offer a significant step towards safe operation, - not only onshore, but also off-shore and at sea.
  • Reduced corrosion.  Neither the flange faces nor the bolts are exposed to internal media or external environment. A static mode and full metal-to-metal contact between flange faces eliminate interface corrosion.
  • No cumbersome seal rings.  Simple assembly and removal of equipment. Replacement of valves and pumps is simplified as such will slide in place.
  • Inventory reduction.  The number of joint sizes may be significanly reduced. Further, only one length of bolt per diameter belongs to the VCF-System.
  • Process efficiency. Thanks to the use of VCF-joints many industries may raise the operating temperatures and pressures to improve efficiency and profit at the same time reduce maintenance and low down-time for repair of leaking flanged joints.

All components carry the VERAX trade mark...

Each flange carries the VERAX trade mark and a number to identify it. Any information is documented on a CD-ROM included in the delivery. Each component and any document within the VERAX Compact Flange System are marked accordingly.

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