The VERAX Compact Flange System
The original and optimal compact flange system. Simple, Safe and Sound

History Theory Prinicples  

As an alternative to the conventional, gasketed pipe connection a fundamentally different VCF-joint is presented. It consists not only of a pair of flanges, but of an entire system of components including flanges, bolts and nuts plus tools, specifications, documentation and instructions for assembly.

The design is based on modern principles of bolted joint engineering. When properly assembled it can not possibly "blow a gasket" or "develop a leak.

Destructive test of a VCF-System
The VCF-System has proven its perfomance in numereous
destructive and non-destructive tests and experiments This pressure vessel with VCF-joint was charged with a rocket propellant and blown up.

Troublefree. No need for maintenance

Result of decades of research and development.
The basic concept was developed already in 1963. A few fundamental experiments were performed and the novel design presented. (ASME 1967 WAmeeting in Philadelphia). In 1976 work was resumed and in 1977 acceptance by Det norske Veritas ( Dn V certificate nr.: M-2932) for installation aboard ships, was secured.

The VCF-System of today is the result of 30 years of extensive research and numero experiments.
    A full scale, functional test of a VCF-joint for 20 by 2 inch pipe for max. working pressure of 255 bar was successfully completed in 1980 under the supervision of DnV (ref: Welding Research Council bulletin 262 October 1980)

During the years 1980 - 1985 further research was performed, rendering a thorough insight and understanding of the problems involved. The major experiment later was reproduced and verified by six independent and respected research institutions from various parts of the world.

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