The VERAX Compact Flange System
The original and optimal compact flange system. Simple, Safe and Sound


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The acceptance by public authorities to allow the use of VCF-System varies depending on application. VERAX has spend a great deal of work all from the beginning of the 60's to make regulatory authorities understand and accept the use of VCF (click here for a summary).

The result of this is that acceptance of VCF can be divided into three application categories

  1. Applications controlled by official regulations

  2. Applications controlled by application regulations (i.e offshore)

  3. Applications controlled by company specific regulations outside the scope of (1)

(2) and (3) are usually manageable since they are controlled by organizations that have an own interest to evaluate new technology in order to stay competitive. They also have defined methods for doing this.

(1) is on the contrary of a much larger problem since they have no immediate interest of their own to evaluate new technology. This since evaluation of new technology always involves some costs. Doing nothing is always the cheapest way.
But new technology may also prove that the framework that the official regulations rely on are totally wrong, that they are based on invalid presumptions and old knowledge.

The worst example of this is Sweden where VERAX has fought for more than 30 years to convince official authorities of VCF outstanding performance compared to conventional flanges. The Swedish Board of Workers Safety (Arbetarskyddsstyrelsen) refuses to even discuss the technology behind VCF. Click here for more details (in Swedish).

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