The VERAX Compact Flange System
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Below is a summary of actions taken to get VCF accepted for general installation.

Beginning of 60's Basic principles of VCF established. A cooperation between Karlstad Mekaniska Verkstad (KMW) and Svensk Mekan Standardisering (SMS) started in order to create a preliminary-standard for compact flanges. The issue "dies" after a few years..
1965 - 1981 No support for VCF from the industry due to the lack of standardisation that is considered the key to success. A presentation is prepared for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) since they are by that time leaders in standards. This turns out to be a dead end since it ends up in a Catch-22 situation between two US authorities.
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1977 - 1982 Since the Swedish Pressure Vessel Code (Tryckkärlsnormerna) in detail describes how a pressure vessel may be designed, and they contain design rules not applicable to VCF (i.e bolt dimensioning due to bending forces that exist in conventional flanges but not in VCF), VERAX tries to convince the Swedish Pressure Vessel Committée (Tryckkärlskommisionen, TK) to write specific design rules applicable to VCF-joints. VERAX offers TK all its knowledge in the matter, but after having informed VERAX that a person is assigned the issue nothing is heard from TK until VERAX four years later requests the result. It turns out that TK has dismissed the issue due to lack of  knowledge and understanding and forgot to inform VERAX of the decision.
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1980 -
Research at Linköpings Tekniska Högskola (LiTH) regarding the bolted joint.
1986 ABB STAL starts using VCF in their VAX high pressure turbines resulting in great savings in cost and time.
1985 -
Verifying tests of VCF basic principles at foreign universities.

1990 Installation of VCF in 2/4 14 of SAGA Petroleum, Norway. The platform had drilled into a very high pressure well endangering the entire platform. A heavy duty riser was required for the recovery operation. They therefore needed VCF-joints that could take up to 1000 bar and also extreme bending forces to built a new drill-pipe. VCF proved its excellence and the equipment was later used in other fields for a similar operation.
1993 - 1995 In 1991 Norsk Hydro Sverige AB and OK Petroleum AB are granted a taxcut by aprox 300 million SEK by Nils G. Åsling (s), secretary of finance, for funding a rebuild of Scanraff in Stenungssund, Sweden with the best known technology in order to reduce environmental damage. VERAX sees this as an opportunity to get VCF accepted. But the best known technology turns out to be just empty words with no meaning. The downloadable documentation shows very clear how poor political decisions are implemented and enforced.
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1993 - ? Several large Swedish users of flanges has expressed their faith in VCF, but dare not switch to this new technology before they have 100% proof that they will not face any acceptance problems during installation. VERAX therefore decides to push acceptance in Sweden as a key issue. This is still an open issue where the prime minister Göran Persson (s) has proved the true meaning of his "National cooperation for unemployment" ("Nationell samling för jobben").
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