The VERAX Compact Flange System
The original and optimal compact flange system. Simple, Safe and Sound
Off-shore ABB-Atom ABB-STAL  

SKI (Statens Kärnkrafts Inspektion) accepts the use of VCF in nuclear power plants. Oscarshamn 3, Barsebäck 1 & 2 uses them since 1979 in the seconday cuircuit, and Forsmark 3 and Oscarshamn 3 uses them since 1983 in their HT-turbines, where each turbine has 29 VCF-joints. See letter in swedish from ABB-STAL regarding the use of VCF in these applications.

VCF proof of safety was shown in 1997 when a joint was installed on the primary circuit of a Barsebäck reactor.

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