The VERAX Compact Flange System
The original and optimal compact flange system. Simple, Safe and Sound
Technology Theory
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As a result of extensive research into the nature and behaviour of the bolted joint it is now technically  feasable to build such, which are stronger than the members joined.

  • A VCF-joint can be made as strong as the associated pipe itself.

  • Nowhere in a VCF-flange are there tensile stresses as high as in the pipe.

  • In the bolts there are no concentrated stresses from bending.

  • Bolts are being preloaded to above 80% of their minimum guaranteed yield strength.

  • Education, training and detailed instructions may be provided for mechanics to become qualified to bolt up VCF-joints.

 A detailed comparison between VCF and a convensional joint is available for download in swedish and  english.

Research results

VERAX has gone into detail in a number of issues in order to find the truth behind the boilted joint. The results are available for download below:

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